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Tea is a journey...our top tips by Leaf & Petal

Purveyors of distinctive loose leaf teas. A world of flavoursome, wholesome , soothing, energising and downright enjoyable teas awaits you. On a mission to convert tea bag users to loose tea lovers as a more sustainable and finer tea experience!

There's nothing like a good cup of tea to make your "me time" or "us time" special. Here are some hints and tips to enhance your enjoyment...

Tea is a journey...our top tips by Leaf & Petal


Me Time or Us Time

Preparation Time

No time at all!


We're Ken & Kerry and we love tea!  All sorts of tea ... as long as it is of good quality and brewed properly. Our journey started a few years ago when, as early retirees looking for a new path in life, we visited a speciality food event where we were completely blown away by the endless variety of fantastic, flavoursome, wholesome , soothing, energising and downright enjoyable teas in the world. We decided to start a business, one that would challenge and excite us, and give us the opportunity to share our excitement and experiences with others.

Like so many other passions this was born in childhood – the days when our grandparents always had a pot of tea in the middle of the table, before meals, during meals and after meals. Tea was truly at the heart of the home - then came along the ubiquitous tea bags and changed the tea drinking world. Undoubtedly quick and convenient but possibly now lacking in the variety and nuance of traditionally produced leaves which were once the normal and are still available all around the world.

Is this change forever? We think not. Our experience during the last few years purveying and singing the praises of loose leaf teas tells us there are many others who are already pursuing their personal tea journeys and many more who wish to start and maybe feel a little nervous about taking the first step.

How to make


There's nothing like a good cup of tea to make your "me time" or "us time" special.  Here are some hints and tips to enhance your enjoyment...

  • Confused about black, green or white teas? All come from the same plant Camelia Sinensis and its many varietials but go through very different production methods which give them their distinctive flavours and qualities.

  • "Tea" is not always tea - herbal infusions and fruit tisanes are also generally known as “teas” these days whilst they may not have any actual tea in them. We do think that the variety is so great there is something for everyone and additional benefits to many.

  • It's a matter of personal taste – whichever tea you’re using we believe you should brew to your own taste. Stronger or weaker, tweak the amount you use and the brewing time to find out what’s right for you.

  • Black teas can be drunk with milk - as in the British traditional cuppa – whilst milk is never suggested for white, green, oolong, herbal or fruit blends.

  • Add whatever you fancy to make the perfect cup –  lemon, lime, honey and syrups can all make a difference when you’re not using milk.

  • Our personal preference when drinking flavoured teas without milk is to let them cool a little - it allows the flavours to sing!

  • Take time out to Relax and enjoy!

Our mission now is to help our clients source the teas they love, try something new and exciting whilst continuing to convert tea bag users into loose tea lovers so that they too can appreciate the joy of real tea in its multitude of forms and enjoy experiences otherwise unimagined.

Awareness of environmental issues has increased enormously and folks are seeking ways to avoid the plastics found in teabags but are wary of a perceived loss of convenience in using loose leaf tea. It does not have to be so and we are proud to supply some easy, sustainable alternatives alongside our personally curated selection of awesome leaves, fruits and herbs which we can guarantee will only add aesthetically to the brewing experience.

We are devastated, like many others, that we won’t be able to do what we love to do this year - getting out and meeting up with our foodie friends, associates and customers at our usual events. However, we are happy that we can continue to supply via our online shop and answer queries via email or on social media.

Tea is a journey, ours has so far been amazing with the promise of so much more to come. Let us help you as you start or continue yours. Join the adventure - experience the flavours!

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