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Kimchi Sandwich by MAMA HALLA

MAMA HALLA is a purveyor of natural Korean condiments. All our recipes and values originate from the founder’s home island of Jeju, a part of Korea famous for its unique natural landscape and spirit.

Have a go at making our simple Kimchi Sandwich.

Kimchi Sandwich by MAMA HALLA



Preparation Time

10 minutes


Rye Bread/Panini/Bagu ette/Roll (2 pieces)

Cheddar Cheese (4 slender pieces)

Vegan Kimchi (1 TBSP)

Extra virgin olive oil (Sprinkle of)

Black pepper (pinch of)

Spinach (handful of)

Butter (2 tsp)

How to make

  1. Cut cheddar cheese into 4 slender pieces. 

  2. On buttered bread, layer the spinach first, followed by cheese & kimchi

  3. Sprinkle with black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

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